About The Consul

Lebanon being my native country is also the beginning of my venture into the business world

IN 1998, ESTABLISHED SKYLINE CONTRACTING SAL OFFSHORE IN LEBANON Currently, I am the proud owner of the following companies in Lebanon:

CCI SARL: For import and export of industrial supplies, and raw material between Lebanon and various countries.
United Real Estate SARL:  Reputational for general and property trading. Construction, land development, and refurbishment of properties, and residences.  in addition to many companies employing dozen of employees.


I started my career as a Salesman in a Medical Company at Beirut, Lebanon which later on inspired me to put up a small business (Medical Equipment Store)

Many questions regards unemployment, several days of deep thoughts finally got me an answer in a form of a question

Why can’t I give jobs to those who were unemployed and those who were striving?

I hoped that i had the confident of doing business. The strong will power inside me motivated me to start my own business


As you may have noticed earlier, most of my companies start with the word “SKY” which refers to my motto in life, “The sky is the limit”. I have also used the word “Al Balad” which refers to my mother country Lebanon.


As South Sudan being a new independent country, I am seeking an opportunity of strengthening the relationship between Lebanon and South Sudan. With my expertise in the business world, and strong political relations


• Social development relies on the development of a country's infrastructure and resources. • Collaboration is the key to business success in today's world. • What is good for the environment is good for business.


To bring foreign investors to South Sudan To build University & Hospital, Train & employ South Sudan citizens offering them a better life & support their families. Finally hope to be a significant contributor in the development of this new nation.


Kindly follow all the consulate activities in Lebanon and in South Sudan